Three men arrested for acting as sales tax officials

Guwahati: Three men were arrested on Tuesday for hijacking a truck carrying Pan Masala. The trio along with others acted as sales tax department officials and stopped the loaded truck around midnight on August 22 in the Patharquary district of Guwahati. The group ordered the driver to leave the truck and get into another vehicle.

The group told the driver that they were taking him to the government office for nearby inspection, before dropping him off near the forest gate in Rani area.

“They arrested me as sales tax agents and after wandering around the city all night they left me with my truck in an abandoned place early in the morning, after which I knew that ‘they had transferred the goods to another truck and had disappeared,’ said the driver, Amod Kumar Singh.

“After receiving a complaint around 6.30am yesterday, we informed the Noonmati police station and within 3-4 hours we were able to apprehend the vehicles and three men were arrested,” said a police officer investigating the case.

The hijacked truck, which belonged to ABC logistics, was carrying around Rs 78 lakh worth of pan masala and tobacco.

One case was registered at Noonmati police station.

“The group demanded 50 lakhs settlement from the driver. After the driver informed us, we immediately informed the police and within hours they were able to collect our truck and our goods,” said Sanjay Gupta, Director (ABC Logistics).

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