What is ‘Inventing Anna’ star Anna Chlumsky’s net worth?

Anna Chlumsky was a week away from her 11th birthday when she rose to fame as the brave and likeable Vada Sultenfuss in 1991 sobfest My daughter. Although the famous role pigeonholed her from the start, the versatile actor enjoyed a refreshing second act.

As Chlumsky transitions from television and arthouse roles to podcasts and more, the six-time Emmy nominee now has a surprising net worth and a career that’s completely unique to Hollywood.

Anna Chlumsky’s Journey From ’90s Icon to Today

Invent Anna star Anna Chlumsky | John Shearer/Getty Images

This is hard to imagine My daughter in today’s movie scene. Starring Chlumsky and the already famous Macaulay Culkin, the original comedy balanced romance and the realities of death, with wonderful years vibes and a tragic finale that cemented his fame. While returning alongside Dan Aykroyd and Jamie Curtis in 1994 for a poorly received sequel, Chlumsky would bounce back in Hollywood for the rest of the ’90s before going on hiatus.

According to ABC News, Chlumsky began attending the University of Chicago, intending to give up acting for good. Then she worked as a fact checker and briefly considered a government job – partly because she was a fan of The west wing. But Chlumsky has returned to acting after nearly a decade away. Far from a glamorous career reboot, Chlumsky enrolled in acting school and performed for free at small theaters while rekindling her passion.

After small roles, including a small role in 30 RockChlumsky turned the corner co-starring alongside James Gandolfini in the 2009 film In the loopan acclaimed satire by Armando Iannucci (Stalin’s death).

The satire turned out to suit Chlumsky. She quickly joined the cast of the film created by Iannucci Veep. Playing the funny assistant to Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), Chlumsky racked up six Emmy nominations for the role. Soon she found the door open to a wave of new acting opportunities.

Anna Chlumsky co-stars in “Inventing Anna”

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The life experience Chlumsky brings to the set is clear when discussing Invent Anna. The recently released Netflix limited series follows con artist Anna Sorokin aka Anna Delvey as she swindles wealthy New Yorkers. While Julia Garner plays Delvey, Chlumsky co-stars as a reporter and confidant who ended up with the inside scoop.

Chlumsky said Today which drew her to the material, admitting that she hadn’t heard of Delvey before the casting. “Oh, it’s a ’15 Minutes of Fame’ deal,” she said, reflecting on the mistake people make when they first watch the title character. “And it’s a flash in the pan and people immediately forget about it. The fact that a public figure like her has had such longevity — it’s, I feel like I’m part of a, you know, meta-experiment.

Criminal aspect aside, the parallels to Chlumsky’s own career are unmistakable. Having burst onto the scene as a child, Chlumsky is more than a little familiar with the public spotlight. Celebrity Net Worth estimates his net worth at around $5 million. However, the number does little to tell the story of a talented actor reappearing in show business.

Chlumsky juggles family life with a new acting career

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Chlumsky’s break from acting has done more than give him useful real-life experience. While attending the University of Chicago, she met her future husband Shaun So. The Afghan veteran and entrepreneur had also worked in counterterrorism for the US military. According to a profile Chlumsky wrote for CharmSo’s deployment to Afghanistan helped her face her fears of rejection and return to theater.

Shortly after So returned from the service, in 2006, he proposed. The two tied the knot in 2008 just as Chlumsky was beginning to make progress in his former profession. According to Paradethe two have now been married for 14 years and have two daughters, Clara and Penelope.

After being so limited in the roles offered to her as a child actor, Chlumsky covered the spectrum when she returned. Apart from TV and film roles, the 41-year-old has also been involved in several podcast series. She worked alongside John Cena (The peacemaker) in 64th man and Kristen Bell (Frozen, The right place) in Deadly ways.

Chlumsky also recently wrapped filming Whistler Campa report on life in a gay conversion camp. Whistler Camp is from debut director John Logan, best known for writing blockbusters like Gladiator, the aviatorand celestial fall. With production completed Whistler Campyou can expect to see Chlumsky back on the big screen later this year.

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