What is Michael Winslow’s net worth? Exploring “Police Academy” star’s fortune as he receives standing ovation on AGT

Michael Winslow is the latest contestant to wow the judges on “America’s Got Talent”. A well-established actor and comedian, Winslow is widely credited with playing “Larvell Jones” in all seven “Police Academy” films.

The 62-year-old is also known for his exceptional beatboxing abilities and is often referred to as “The Man of 10,000 Sound Effects”. Michael Winslow is able to produce various realistic sounds only with the help of his voice.

The actor auditioned in AGT as a “voicetramentalist” and hypnotized the judges with his mere presence on the series. But it was his iconic vocal prowess that earned him a standing ovation from the judges and the audience.

As Winslow took the stage, an excited Simon Cowell exclaimed:

“Oh, we know you! Obviously, we know you from the Police Academy films.

As part of his introduction, Michael Winslow spoke about the early stages of his journey to becoming a legendary vocal artist:

“I am a vocal tramentalist. That’s what I do. When I was young I didn’t have a lot of friends so I had to make my own friends, my own movies, my own soundtrack, my own soundscape. I just played my old soundscape.

Simon Cowell further asked why Winslow decided to audition at AGT despite his immense success in the entertainment industry. In response, the voiceover artist shared that he decided to take part in the show “to be his real me”:

“This is the show that you are becoming on your own. So the time that I have, I’m going to share it with.

After the introduction, Winslow delivered a humorous vocal act, winning over the judges with his unique talent. At the end of the act, the judges and the audience stood in unison to congratulate the artist on his performance.

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Michael Winslow’s net worth in 2021

Michael Winslow is originally from Spokane, Washington, and is a well-known actor, stand-up comedian, and beatbox artist. He rose to prominence with “The Gong Show” and gained worldwide recognition for his role in the “Police Academy” films.

According to CelebrityNetWorth, the artist currently has an approximate net worth of $ 1.5 million. Besides his recurring role in “Police Academy”, Michael Winslow has also appeared in films like “Gremlins”, “Spaceballs”, “Robodoc”, “Far out Man”, “Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie”, “Nice Dreams” , and “The Love Boat” among many others.

Most of Michael Winslow’s fortune comes from his successful acting career. He also earns much of his beatbox and stand-up shows across the world.

Winslow even earns revenue from its own iPhone and iPod Touch apps that feature sound effects created by the actor.

He has previously collaborated with Phyken Media to provide vocal sound effects for their iOS and Android mobile game, “Wizard Ops Chapter 1”. He was also a voice artist for the sequel to the game, titled “Wizard Ops Tactics”.

Michael Winslow has also won through appearances in commercials for well-known brands like Cadbury and GEICO Insurance.

In pre-recorded footage from “America’s Got Talent,” Winslow explained that despite his successful film career, he had to quit the industry to raise children after his wife passed away.

The early release of Michael Winslow’s AGT episode shows that the performer has already wowed the judges. Her full performance will be available on NBC next week, and the “Police Academy” star is likely to advance in the competition.

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