“Wherever you go, there will be men around you”

Madalsa Sharma feels good and bad things go hand in hand (Photo credit: Instagram / madalsasharma, artographybysagar)

Madalsa Sharma rose to fame after playing the negative character, Kavya, in Rajan Shahi’s Anupamaa. Although she had worked in several regional films, the actress was eager to work on television, and star Rupali Ganguly came to see her. Recently, the actress spoke about the casting and asked if anyone had asked her about “irrational advances” on her part.

The actress is married to Mahaakshay Chakraborty, the son of veteran star Mithun Chakraborty. The duo tied the knot on July 10, 2018.

Meanwhile, in a conversation with ETimes, Madalsa Sharma was asked if anyone had made “irrational advances” to her, she said: “To be a girl or right now to be. a man, both are equally scary. In any profession, be it an actress or a business, wherever you go, for a woman there will be men around you. Sometimes you meet people who are probably a little more interested in things that you are not at all willing to offer as a person, as an actor, as an employee. It’s up to you. Good and bad things go hand in hand, but in the end, no one can take your choice away from you. People can try to influence you, but to be or not to be influenced are two radically different things.

Madalsa Sharma continued and said: “Personally, whenever I have felt uncomfortable in someone’s presence or during a meeting, what should I do? Get up and go out through this door. No one is going to stop me or close the door and let me go anywhere. So that has always been my personal choice.

The small screen beauty further shared that as an actress she is eager to act and show everyone what she is capable of and adds, “Other than that, good or bad, bad or good, you have to know how to handle it, so that’s what i’ve been doing all my life.

Currently, Madalsa’s daily soap opera Anupamaa is at # 1 on the TRP charts and the show dominates other series after being at the top of the ratings for a long time. Even fans are quite impressed with the storyline of the show as they claim it is relevant to the present times.

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