Who is Rosie O’Donnell? The American comedian who issued a public apology to Priyanka Chopra

Who is Rosie O Donnell: After Rosie O’Donnell issued a public apology to Priyanka Chopra Jonas after mistakenly calling her the daughter of author Deepak Chopra, the actor took to Instagram to call out the comedian .

She said: “I never took myself seriously to think that everyone would know who I am, or my work for that matter. But if you wanted to publicly apologize for a very awkward private encounter, I think it would probably be best to take the time to google my name before doing so or even try to contact me directly,” a- she writes.

She added: ‘We all deserve to be respected for our unique individuality and not to be called ‘someone’ or ‘wife’, especially in heartfelt apologies. If we can learn to respect our differences authentically, the world in which we raise our children will be amazing.

It all started when the comedian took to Instagram to recount her encounter with Chopra and Jonas, in a TikTok video posted to Instagram a few days ago, O’Donnell said the couple sat next to her table in a restaurant. “Nick Jonas and his wife, someone Chopra,” is what the comedian called them. She had taken her for the daughter of Deepak Chopra, an Indian-American personality known to be a proponent of alternative medicine. Ironically, Chopra’s father, Dr. Ashok Chopra, was a medic in the Indian Army.

Here’s everything you need to know about comedian Rosie O’Donnell

  1. She was born on March 21, 1962.
  2. She is an American comedian, producer, actress, author and television personality.
  3. She began her acting career as a teenager.
  4. She was the host of her own syndicated daytime talk show The Rosie O’Donnell Show between 1996 and 2002. The show was very popular with the masses. He has won several Daytime Emmy Awards.
  5. Post that too she posted many shows like Pink Radio on SiriusXM Radio, The view, SMILF next to the others.
  6. She has also worked as a magazine editor, celebrity blogger, and author of various memoirs.
  7. She is an active promoter of issues surrounding lesbian rights and gay adoption issues.
  8. She was named the lawyerit’s Personality of the Year 2002.

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