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Andrew Neil had an illustrious career at the top of TV News. His impressive appointment as chairman and as a flagship presenter of GB News would not have surprised viewers. Despite this important role, the veteran BBC journalist quit just months after the channel launched.

Andrew Neil, 72, played a pivotal role in setting up GB News in June 2021, but just eight months after the channel launched, Mr Neil quit his job there for good.

On September 13, he simply tweeted, “It’s official: I have resigned as Chairman and Chief Presenter of GB News.”

He then added in a statement: “I am sorry to leave but I have concluded that it is time to reduce my commitments on several fronts.

“Over the summer, I had time to reflect on my vast portfolio of interests and decided it was time to cut back.”

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He added: “I wish GB News continued to fulfill its founding promise and mission to reach audiences currently underserved by existing news broadcasters.”

In an interview with the Daily Mail, he said he had given up a staggering £4million contract, but added that continuing in his role there “would have killed me”. Here’s the real reason for his shock exit.

Neil reportedly left the channel after the relationship between him and channel bosses soured.

Neil described his work with GB News as “the worst eight months of my life”.

Neil said he quit his job after the direction GB News was going “wasn’t the direction I had described, it wasn’t the direction I had envisioned for the channel”.

Speaking on BBC Question Time, he said: ‘More and more differences have emerged between me and the other senior executives and GB News board.

He added: “Rather than those differences narrowing, they got wider and wider and I thought it best if that was the path they wanted to go down, it was up to them. , it’s their money.”

When GB News launched Neil repeatedly denied rumors that he was mirroring the right-wing US news channel – Fox News.


What will Andrew Neil do now?

Far from retiring, Neil looks set to make a comeback as he is reportedly in talks with Channel 4 to host an early evening political show,

According to Broadcast, he has been in talks with Channel 4 bosses to take on a new role there.

But, it is understood that an agreement has not been reached between Neil and the channel.

However, when asked if he would consider a role there, he replied: “Channel 4 is basically the broadcast arm of the Guardian. I don’t think they would take much interest in me.” The future of the seasoned journalist therefore remains uncertain.

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