Why Giada De Laurentiis’ daughter doesn’t want to be a chef

When Giada De Laurentiis was pregnant in 2007, she joked with Redbook that her child would probably be born without any interest in cooking (via People).

This is not entirely true. Jade loves being with mom in the kitchen, especially when they’re cooking (via Giadzy). But what about a career as a chef? Giada doesn’t see that happening. And that’s fine. As the “Everyday Italian” host said People“There’s not a single part of her that says, ‘I’m going to be a cook like my mom.’

Instead, Jade has a lot of interests and dreams for her future, Giada says. “One day she wants to be a professional rider, the next day she wants to be a gymnast at the Olympics and the next day she wants to sing. It changes every day,” explained the famous cook. However, Giada notes that cooking is never on Jade’s list of possible careers. And coming from a family of famous people, Giada can relate. “She can have her own identity,” De Laurentiis said, adding, “It’s a big identity to deal with, so I can relate to that.”

One thing is certain: De Laurentiis radiates maternal pride and regularly presents his only child on Instagram. Giada recently praised (and celebrated with a Nutella crepe!) Jade for be chosen as a speaker at her 8th grade graduation and on International Women’s Day last March, De Laurentiis posted a mother-daughter photo writing, “So proud of the woman you are becoming.”

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