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Good Girls has been a fan favorite part of NBC’s program since 2018 and it has continued to maintain a loyal following. The black comedy series follows a tight-knit group of friends as they turn to money laundering as a way to earn extra cash. Fans were shocked to learn that the series had been canceled by the network after four seasons – but why?

Why was Good Girls canceled?

Good Girls follows three Michigan moms who go to great lengths to make ends meet, and they turn to a world of crime.

What begins with a robbery in a supermarket turns out to be a whirlwind of difficult times, during which they put themselves in great danger.

At the heart of the story is Beth Boland (played by Christina Hendricks), and she’s caught up in an eventful relationship with the ultimate gangster, Rio (Manny Montana).

His friends Ruby Hill (Retta) and Annie Marks (Mae Whitman) are also caught up in a life of crime.

On June 26, 2021, NBC announced that the show would not be returning after season four.

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Season four is currently airing in the US and is expected to make its way to Netflix for UK fans in the future.

The finale airs in July, but unfortunately the series won’t continue after that.

Deadline said there had been hopes that the series would continue for at least one more season, but unfortunately that was not the case.

Actress Hendricks shared the sad news on social media, thanking fans for their support.

She said: “Well, we gave it our all. We really did. ”Whitman reassured the cast, telling them that she loved them all.

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Another added: “It is absolutely ridiculous. A great scripted show after the cancellation of a great scripted show when we have 45 seasons of American Idol. SMH. “

Fans threatened to “riot” on Twitter because they believed the show was a huge success.

Audience numbers have plummeted since the series progressed, with a total of 1.68 million US viewers tuning in to the season four premiere.

This compares to the 5.98 million people who watched the series’ very first episode in February 2018.

So far, nine episodes of season four have aired and there are seven remaining.

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Fans continued to express their sadness on Twitter, with one saying: “I want to riot behind Good girls being canceled! They could have at least given us one last season. ” [Sic]

Another said: “Good girls has been canceled and that means we won’t see rio’s face anymore and now i’m fucking! ” [Sic]

Beth and Rio’s relationship was one of the main reasons fans have stayed with the show for so long.

Another viewer said: “Ggood girls obtained canceled please give me a minute to cry because I will miss my man so much. ” [Sic]

Hopefully season four will still air on Netflix for fans in the UK and beyond.

Season 4 of Good Girls airs on NBC.

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